A z80 assembler in C# with IDE

Having a number of legacy z80 projects that still need supporting it was about time I wrote a modern z80 assembler and IDE to manage this problem.

We had been using AD2500’s z80 assembler which was all fine, but only 16 bit, no ide no other fancy features. But of its day it seemed like a pretty rock solid assembler. I can’t really be bothered to install XP in a VM just to run the old 16 bit apps. So i’ve started a new project to create a modern C# based IDE and assembler to help out those that still need this stuff or those who just want to learn some assembler for education. z80 is a nice place to start with assembler to learn some basics before diving in to more complex processors.

Below is an image of the work so far :-


The code can be found at



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