• Sams4s RS232 protocol

    I’ve just launched my new project to be able to talk to and program Sams4s cash registers using open source tools, the code can be found at https://github.com/robincornelius/ECRComms it is not finished but what of it there is currently works with an ER-230 and in theory the backup/download should work with many other models. The actual editing will be model/version dependent and I will need help from others to make it work with more than just the two models I have here (the ER230 and the ER380M).

    I’ve also started a documentation project that can be found here┬áthis is the documentation of the protocol and file format as I work it out.

  • Finally have a site again

    It was the 17th Aug 2012 when I realised my new version of this website had vanished from the internet. I guess it serves me right for trying to use a free webhost when I have a perfectly good Virtual server I should have been using.

    I tried to use 000webhost and install a word press site there. And all seemed good, But a week or so later the site was gone, my account blocked and the only thing I could find out was I used too many resources on the server. It was only a fucking wordpress site, what do they expect people to host, one single static html page that says Hello World?. What annoyed me the most though was there were no warnings, no emails nothing. They just yanked the site and then held you ransom to upgrade to premium to get it back.

    Anyway that badness is a long time in the past, but i’ve been so busy I’ve only now found the time to really do anything about it and fix the site. I can’t really believe it was that long ago but thats the date on my twitter posts venting my anger.

    So here back again is another wordpress site. Somewhere to put posts on various little projects that I am working on and hopefully I can start posting a new open source project that I am working on here very soon.

  • September Hours

    Now the “crazyness” is behind i’ve been going back and filling out my time sheets. My september hours looked like this


    So thats only 271.h hours for September worked ;-/